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The Power of Universal Preeclampsia Screening

In an enlightening event, we had the privilege of attending The Asia Pacific Workshop on Prenatal Screening, organized by Thermofisher Scientific in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, on 14th-15th July 2023. With Professor Kypros Nicolaides as the Keynote Speaker, the workshop left us with a powerful lesson – “Preeclampsia screening is a universal approach.”

The workshop featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Caruhel, P., Liona Poon, Daniel Lorber Rolnik, Piya Chaemsaithong, Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy, and Tuangsit Wataganara, each bringing unique insights into preeclampsia screening and prevention. Despite their varied expertise, they all agreed on the importance of universal screening to ensure optimal maternal and fetal health.

The workshop emphasized the undeniable right of every pregnant woman to access preeclampsia screening from the very beginning of their pregnancy, irrespective of their location or circumstances. The call for universal screening is rooted in the belief that early detection is essential for better care and improved outcomes.

Comprehensive antenatal screening emerged as a key theme during the workshop. Beyond preeclampsia, the event highlighted the value of holistic screening for various pregnancy-related complications. The workshop attendees were urged to champion early and comprehensive antenatal screening programs in their respective regions. Such initiatives can make a significant impact by identifying risks early and formulating effective management plans.

The Asia Pacific Workshop on Prenatal Screening hosted by Thermofisher Scientific was a transformative experience. Professor Kypros Nicolaides’ keynote address resonated with the core message of universal preeclampsia screening. The workshop emphasized the importance of accuracy and comprehensive antenatal screening. Armed with this powerful lesson, we now stand united in the pursuit of early detection and preventive care for every woman, safeguarding the health and well-being of both mother and child.

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