Prenatal Apps

Prenatal Apps

Prenatal Apps is a pregnancy information system, a one stop solution to reduce pregnancy complications rate. We are proud to announce that our solution was selected as one of the finalist at 2023 MIT Solve[ED] Youth Innovation Challange​!

What specific problem are you trying to solve?

  • Pregnancy complications. In Indonesia, there are around 120 babies and 12 pregnant mothers die every day. Mothers here is 36x more likely to suffer pregnancy complications compared to them in developed countries. Based on our data, there are 6 out of 100 pregnancies facing pre-eclampsia and 10 out of 100 pregnancy facing preterm birth. These pregnancy complications can be life-threatening if left untreated. But the problem is not all mothers have equal access to healthcare facilities due to expensive cost. Early prediction with early prevention is the only way to minimize this condition.
  • Non tech-based method. Pregnancy data recording using paper manually is still done massively in Indonesia. It has high risk of inaccuracy. Lack of accurate data leads to health workers difficulties to do continuous prevention care to save both lives.

What is your solution?

  • Prenatal Apps is a pregnancy information system, a one stop solution to reduce pregnancy complications rate. It provides easy healthcare access with innovative digital data integration in Indonesia. It enables health workers to get pregnancy complications data through accurate prediction calculator and it also helps mothers to gain a better understanding about their pregnancy conditions.

We aim to accelerate the mission with 4 strong features;

  • Electronic Health Record: Well integrated data recording included patient identity, pre-pregnancy screening 11-13 weeks, fetal anomaly screening, fetal growth & well-being, outcome of pregnancy & childbirth, registration.
  • Pregnancy complications predictor: Prediction calculator focuses on pre-eclampsia, preterm birth, stillbirth, diabetes mellitus gestational, congenital abnormalities, and fetal growth. The formula of this feature is developed by our own data
  • Teleconsulting (Monitoring and Warning system)Provide a platform to connect mothers and an OB/GYN to share and discuss about pregnancy conditions with recommended treatment based on medical data stored in our electronic health record. Mothers will be monitored for their blood pressure, aspirin consumption, uterine contractions, number of fetal movements, blood sugar curves, diabetes medication, USG timeline, estimated fetal weight curve, and check-up schedule.
  • Research data: We will use collected data from mothers to be our data hygiene for our research in reducing pregnancy complications rate in Indonesia
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