Safe Prenatal Surveillance is a data cohort collected by the Indonesian Prenatal Institute since 2018.  We have been collecting data from the early trimester of pregnancy until birth. This data has been regularly audited and has been used for more than 30 research projects that have influenced the decision-making process for screening and intervention to prevent pregnancy complications in our population in Jakarta and the greater area. One of our successful projects is Safe Prenatal PE, which has decreased almost 40% of pre-eclampsia in our population. This system was given as a Waqf asset to the Nazhir (non-profit asset manager) at the Indonesian Prenatal Institute. For further collaboration and data access, please contact us via

Current Obstetrics Complications

Location: Jakarta Great Area

Population: 4608 deliveries

Last updated: 29/04/2024

period: 12/08/2019 – 15/04/2024


Hypertension in pregnancy 4.1%

Preterm birth

Preterm birth 6.2%


Stillbirth 0.9%


Gestational Diabetes 14%
Congenital anomalies
Congenital anomalies 1.1%
Fetal growth restriction
Pre-eclampsia 2.3%

Obstetrics Complications Surveillance since 2019

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